Andrea Lawent


Andrea moved to Hollywood, California in 1978 after representing her home state, Wisconsin, as a contestant on the TV show, Dance Fever, and never looked backed! Andrea brought her talents to Los Angeles and enjoyed a successful career as a dancer and choreographer with notable performances including, choreographing the 1991 Super Bowl, and Whitney Houston’s “Welcome Home The Troops Tour”.

Throughout her career, teaching dance was a prominent and passionate part of it. So it seemed a natural fit to team up with her dance mentor, Billy Goodson to tackle the fitness industry. Together they created Cardio Funk, a fusion of hip hop / funk and aerobics.

Andrea made the very tough decision to stop working in the entertainment industry when she found herself a single parent of two very young children, ages 1 and 4 at the time, and could no longer travel. Being a parent to them was first and foremost. /p>

The indoor cycling world was in its early stages at this time, there were only 15 hand made bikes in existence. Andrea was fortunate enough train with the creators of Spinning, Johnny G, and Debbie Rocker.

She developed a very strong following of people that veered away from the usual “aerobic” music experience and became the go-to place if you wanted the rock-n-roll experience. With that came the clientele of the same soul with the likes of Steve Jones from the sex pistols, Seal, Rod Stewart, Joey Castillo, Scott Weiland, the owners of Epitaph Records and Bad Religion, to name a few, followed Andrea wherever she taught. She has graced the covers of US Magazine as Hollywood’s Hot 100, and billboards throughout Los Angeles.


Yolanda Thomas


Yolanda specializes in teaching and building confidence in beginner dancers and performers. She teaches private lessons and courses in Los Angeles and guest workshops when in Sydney, Australia. She is also a performance coach for original artists and singers.

She offers your first class free so sign up and come learn some hip hop dance moves and get a great workout!

Keith Thompson


You’ve seen him go viral on social media, you’ve seen him featured on television and news stations across the US, now is your chance to take one of his ultra high energy hip hop cycling classes.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Keith began teaching step and cycling classes eleven years ago. His naturally contagious energy and positive attitude leaves his class experience unmatched and enthralling. With passion for helping others and an approach very much his own, Keith birthed KTX Fitness. KTX Fitness has received incredible support both inside and outside the classroom reaching over one million shares on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and over 100,000 followers on Instagram! He travels the world teaching and inspiring individuals to transform their lives while having fun doing it. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia he is bringing his energy and incredible classes to the Made in LA family in Hollywood, CA! We are so pleased that Keith and KTX fitness have made Made In LA his home!!

Debi Noel


Teaching under Kieth Thompson, Debi Noel is a wonderful addition to our teaching roster.

“I have been on my spin journey for many years now and absolutely adore teaching. Whether you’re in need of a kick-ass workout or a stress-relieving experience, my class has something to offer to all that attend! Let’s have a party on the bike with good music, good vibes and positive energy only!” - Debi

Rafael Garcia


Rafael Garcia is A Johnny G. Certified Spin Instructor. He started his illustrious career teaching at Todd Tramps in West Hollywood, eventually riding the Teacher’s Bike all around the city, from Spinning Pasadena to Revolution, Gold’s Gym to Made In LA, even going transcontinental proving his skills on German soil.

A classically trained dancer, Rafael understands the intricate flow of the human body, his many years of work as a professional Dancer, Choreographer and highly respected Jazz Teacher providing immeasurable knowledge and wisdom. He believes that indoor cycling, like dancing, incorporates technique, movement, musicality, rhythm, and maintains the same supportive yet demanding classroom energy. Nowhere else has he found a more physically and mentally challenging cardio workout that lays you out like dance class! In class, Rafael expects each and every student to give 110% of their focus, commitment and desire to get everything they can out of all 60 minutes!

Personal Trainers
& Certified Aides


Adedayo N. Laoye

NASM certified for 5 years. Adedayo is a Los Angeles based trainer that has background in many training modalities. Including HIIT, sports performance, weight loss and gain, and group training. An athlete himself, Adedayo ran track and played football through college. A motto he lives by and passes on to all he meets is that “You’re stronger than you think”


Chelsea Badoo

Chelsea is a certified personal trainer by The National Academy of Sports Medicine. With over three years of experience as a trainer, Chelsea has helped numerous clients reach their fitness goals! With a background in Sports Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness as well as Youth Exercise, Chelsea is equipped to take on any challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose inches, gain muscle mass or reduce your body fat, or just overall be healthier, Chelsea will help you get there!


Bryce Guerovich

Bryce is originally from Perth, Western Australia. His passion for sport and exercise has stemmed from a young age when he began competing in Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Tennis and Swimming. He has been working as a Fitness Trainer for over 7 years and has trained a range of clients including those associated with weight loss, athletic training, injury and cancer rehabilitation, the elderly, event preparation and pre/post natal training.

He has gone through a 3 year Exercise and Health Science University degree where nutrition is taught extensively throughout. He has a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science degree, NCSF Certification, Kettlebell Level 1, Cross Core Level 1 and is CPR/AED Trained.


George King