KTX Fitness with Keith Thompson Los Angeles

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Keith began teaching step and cycling classes eleven years ago. His naturally contagious energy and positive attitude leaves his class experience unmatched and enthralling. With passion for helping others and an approach very much his own, Keith birthed KTX Fitness. KTX Fitness has received incredible support both inside and outside the classroom reaching over one million shares on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and over 100,000 followers on Instagram! He travels the world teaching and inspiring individuals to transform their lives while having fun doing it. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia he is bringing his energy and incredible classes to the Made in LA family in Hollywood, CA! We are so pleased that Keith and KTX fitness have made Made In LA his home!!


Alongside Kieth Thompson, Debi Noel will be teaching on his schedule as well.

About Debi Noel, “I have been on my spin journey for many years now and absolutely adore teaching. Whether you’re in need of a kick-ass workout or a stress-relieving experience, my class has something to offer to all that attend! Let’s have a party on the bike with good music, good vibes and positive energy only!”